Safety is a way of life at Boise Cascade. Safety means a place where Nobody Gets Hurt

Boise Cascade is an Employee run, management supported safety culture based on the principle that each person is expected to place their own safety and the safety of those around them ahead of all other priorities.

Using a data-driven approach to identifying our top opportunities for safety performance improvement and company-wide collaborative effort, we are committed to making our operations a place where Nobody Gets Hurt.

Boise Cascade has achieved recognition by both Federal and State regulatory agencies for their dedication to maintaining the highest standards in safety. The following operations have been accepted into the prestigious Federal OSHA VPP and Oregon State safety recognition programs. We continue on the journey to having all of our operations recognized by the regulatory agencies for their safety excellence.

OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP):

  • Florien, Louisiana – plywood plant
  • Oakdale, Louisiana – plywood plant
  • Alexandria, Louisiana – EWP plant
  • Roxboro, North Carolina – EWP Plant

Oregon Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP):

  • White City, Oregon – EWP plant
  • Willamina, Oregon – veneer plant
  • Medford, Oregon – plywood plant